100% Natural Treatment


Rich in Growth Factors for Skin Stimulation

No rejection issues

No sensitivity

Combine with other cosmetic treatments


Post Treatment Results include

Fresher Complexion

Reduction in the appearance of wrinkles

Softer Skin



What RegenPRP is doing .


  • Formation of 3D fibrin mesh and platelet cohesion ( via calcium and thrombin)
  • Platelet and leukocyte release of growth factors: At the time of writing 7 secretory proteins are released ( PDGF, TGBF,IGF,EGF,FN,VEGF, Osteopontin). In REGEN-PRP, scientific data is available on PDGF,EGF,TGBF and VEGF).
  • Local tissue stem cell differentiation ( enhances tissue regeneration and tissue remodelling)
  • Smoother fresher skin due to better hydration
  • Re-stimulation of hair growth ( when applied to scalp ) 



   Prices from  £375